Welcome to my new car-themed blog – Crosstown Traffic.

As a motoring journalist, I’ve been writing about cars for a long time, starting in London in fact around the time the Sex Pistols first began limbering up….

Thereafter my journalistic remit has covered both new and classic cars, some historic motorsport reporting plus a long spell in Tokyo, covering the Japanese car industry for a range of global media outlets.

Writing about new cars, for Car Graphic in Japan and Business Car Manager here in the UK, among other outlets, is my main occupation. As of September 2015, I also became UK jury member for Autobest Europe’s newly expanded independent motoring Journalists Jury.

Meantime, here’s a confession. Along with cars, I also have a big and overgrown music collection. Thus when the idea of starting a blog came up, several names that might perhaps combine the two themes naturally were considered (for better or worse, Never Mind the Bollards didn’t make the final cut…)

Thanks to time in London, Tokyo and beyond, I can also say I love the buzz of the city. So put that all together (with a nod of course to the late, great Jimi Hendrix who originally recorded Crosstown Traffic back in 1968) and, voila, you have this new blog.

Car culture in its many forms (from Alfa Romeo to Zil, and beyond) will likely form the centerpiece of Crosstown Traffic. Some varied musings on the joys of following Arsenal football club and the merits of Fullers London Pride may also make their way through. Still, as a relative latecomer to the blogosphere, please bear with me as CT gets properly up and running.

It’s a blog, Jim, but not as we know it….