Woodward Dream Cruise Woodward Dream Cruise
Imagine a street festival in America’s Motown involving thousands of great cars. A cavalcade of cool wheels that seems to go on... Woodward Dream Cruise

12Imagine a street festival in America’s Motown involving thousands of great cars. A cavalcade of cool wheels that seems to go on for days and quite a few nights too.


Factor in horsepower (quite a lot of it), noise, exuberance and big enthusiastic crowds and you’re starting to get a feel of what the Woodward Dream Cruise is all about. As a spectacle, it is something else….


Starting this week, Woodward Avenue, one of the most celebrated roadways in Detroit comes alive to the sounds of the Dream Cruise, an event that’s ostensibly a hi-watt celebration of America’s muscle car culture.


Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Woodward became a legendary place in America’s motor city culture as Mustangs, Corvettes, Chargers, Camaros, GTOs etc and their petrol head owners, ahem, regularly came out to play…


Today, the Cruise is all about reviving the spirit of those times but the remarkable thing about Woodward is that it’s a celebration of all things automotive that soon has you absolutely hooked…



A couple of years back, I “did” Woodward as a busman’s holiday with a mate and just loved it to bits. As you stand by the side of the road, this endless, gloriously eclectic steam of cars rumbles on past.





Mixed in between the Impalas, Corvettes, Firebirds and so on, you’ll see Nissan GT-Rs, Triumph TR4s, Ferrari Enzos, Lamborghinis, many MGs…even the likes of a Citroen C3 Pluriel (although never officially sold in the US). Not one but two Batmobiles, so on.


Now in its 16th year, the Woodward Dream Cruise culminates on the Saturday, August 20, when an estimated 1 million people show up (!) You have a week long build up however and every night people are sitting out in camp chairs by the side of the road, just watching the action and drinking in the spirit of this wonderful event. Not for nothing, then, is Woodward dubbed “the Woodstock of Cars.”





For some curious reason, Woodward is always the same weekend at the prestigious Pebble Beach/Monterey historics weekend in California. The date clash is unfortunate but the two events could hardly be more different. Each is must-see in its own way but for me, the fact that Woodward is this brilliant moving show, free-to-air and has this great and unique vibe is the clincher.


Oh yes, and now, I really want a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T…



Peter Nunn

Peter Nunn

Peter is a writer and tester in the UK with more than 30 years experience of covering new cars, classics and the fascinating, fast moving car industry.